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Evax Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted exporter and supplier of a diversified range of Pharmaceutical products. The products that we offer entails Pharmaceutical Syrup (Bestyl Syrup,  Hepago-Plus Syrup and Xenacare Syrup), Pharmaceutical Tablets (Bypsin Tablets, Carypod-200 Tablets, Evagesic-P Tablets, Gdmox CV Tablets, Richive Protein Powder, Xepolyte Energy Drink, Sparsh Hand Sanitizer, Hepago-S Tablets, Richive Tablets), Pharmaceutical Capsules (Digirab-DSR Capsules, Evarose Capsules, Zeekonia 4G Capsules and Zudoxy-LB Capsules) and Wokon Pain Relieve Oil. In addition to the above memtioned range of products, we are also engaged in offering Pharmaceutical PCD Marketing Services as per the specific needs of the clients. We majorly want to serve our products and services to the Pharmaceutical industry. Read more...